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Duggy - The Smile in the Sky!

The Duggy Dream Team's mission is to help make kids dreams come true.
Duggy started out as a simple dream.  As a young boy, age 11, Mitch Carley had a dream of flying around in a plane named Duggy.   Mitch never lost this dream and was fortunate enough to have met the right people to make Duggy become a real "Dream-Machine" and symbol.   A team was born and so was the real-Duggy. 

The Duggy Dream Team realized they should share this 
dream...and teach kids all around the world how the simple dream of Duggy became real.

EMMY NOMINATED FOR CONCEPT & WRITING - Proven and ready to exploit!

Streaming All-Aviation Network - Everything Aviation Every Day...worldwide!

For very-little a month you get original-programming, noteworthy-content that’s free-elsewhere and classics that are new to you and, no-contracts, no-apps.  If it flies it’s here – from Ballooning to Space…let’s play in the sky.

I’m Airborn is your exclusive network for Duggy, the Smile in the Sky!




Duggy - The Smile in the Sky.

The world-famous DC3 - and his multiple EMMY Nominated

brand, The Duggy Dream Team Show is poised to take the world by spreading the inspirational 'Dream It, Team It & Work It', mantra.  Exclusively join Duggy and all his friends on the streaming

IMAIR_LOGO_V9_OKAST_COLOR_WINGS_BRIGHT.png Everything Aviation Every Day...Worldwide!  Watch almost 300 Shows now streaming at

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the film
The facts


ImAir's facts will only grow

Duggy's involvement in growing...

a cradle to grave strategy.

ImAir is created for aviation fans worldwide. 

ImAir is a commercial-free Subscription Video On Demand service that is a targeted at the 18M +/- core annual audience members of Airshows in the US alone (Source: FAA).

  That audience is equal to the Pro-Football attendance and it is 3x +/- that of the attending Stock-Car audience.

This passionate group is just as active globally - ImAir is poised to become your favorite-brand for fresh, relevant, entertaining and informative content.

  Duggy and his Dream Team ARE at the center of ImAir with his MULTIPLE EMMY NOMINATED 30 MIN. SHOW (PILOT)



ImAir's mission & Duggy's 

can be provided on request.

As a preview it is to...Pay-Forward & more... 

ImAir's core is being developed, performed and directed by those-in-the-business.  We are bringing you real-stories with real-people - not fabricated or managed and decided by a ROI-driven committee.

  If it flies and it has the DNA of the ImAir Stars 'they' very well might become a part of this never before collection of aviation-Stars...lets us know.

  The Mission beyond the stated, is to create a place where we all can gather, share and offer opportunities in aviation to others who have the passion but not the ability.


Please visiT WWW.IMAIR.TV

TO watch the sizzle video.

The mission
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